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Family Dynamics


Here we address good parenting principles and what needs to be in place to engender resilience and support the whole family. It addresses some of the key areas that most parents have challenges with and provides strategies for overcoming the disconnect experienced by many.  This module intends to build strong and lasting relationships between the parents and children.  This module also briefly discusses the physical, mental and spiritual health of the family to support the individuals in maintaining well-being.

Outcome: A clear definition of what the family values are and identified threats to wellness.


We address how to communicate effectively by knowing what works best for each individual within the family and how to understand each other and communicate in the most meaningful way.  We also cover work/life balance, time management, empathic listening and non-verbal communication, conflict resolution strategies and ways to operate as working parents whilst still supporting the children in their individual needs.

Outcome: Individualised ways of communicating and interacting with each of your family members that are most meaningful to them.  


Leaving a legacy of wisdom and emotion can be achieved through sharing knowledge and offering emotional support, guiding future generations with insights gained from personal experiences. Such a legacy enriches lives, fostering a culture of learning, compassion, and ethical living that transcends material wealth.

Outcome: A structured approach to capturing your legacy in pictures, text, video to share with future generations.


Here we explore the ‘character’ of the family, this is the essence that creates a loving bond between the individuals and acts as a magnetic focus that connects and strengthens the relationships between you. The family character is like the soul of the family, it nurtures and supports the individuals through a lifetime and includes rituals, stories, experiences, memories and values.  We cover the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness that create our reality.

Outcome: The identity of the family, what it stands for and what type of parents and family do you want to be known as?


Our approach here is to help parents to understand the concept of differing personalities within the family and especially for each child. We partner with two Youth programs: Ignition and Youth Dynamics which provide assessments for personality profiling and modules for young people to understand their own uniqueness and how to use this information as they navigate the decisions that will shape their adulthood.

Outcome: To give the young person the core inner confidence of knowing who they are and what they offer to the world.


In today’s world, many families are bonus or blended families.  This module is applicable if there are step-parents and step-siblings within the family unit.  There are some key ‘hurdles’ that if not navigated well will cause stress and strife, it will also have a serious impact on the relationship between the adults.  Think of it as merging two companies, there are different values, rules, goals and traditions.  We can assist in accelerating the process of loving integration.

Outcome: Strategies to manage households with children who may live with multiple families resulting in differing , values, rules and lifestyles.


A member of the family with a disability or is incapacitated can cause untold stress on the rest of the family.  Whilst there may not be resentment there may be times when parents have to be absent or provide a disproportionate amount of time caring for the incapacitated individual.  Having clear strategies to safeguard the wellbeing of all family members is paramount and this module looks at ways to support the family as a whole.

Outcome: Guidance and support with strategies and tips for managing households where disabilities exist.

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