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How your personalised flight plan impacts all areas of life
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Partner disagreements

Our Identity Compass – What Makes Us Tick

The primary focus is to help you, as life partners to understand your natural personalities, talents, strengths and challenges, how they compare and why you ‘do what you do’. Then, how to use this knowledge to strengthen your professional and personal lives.

Embracing personality profiling is a commitment to understand yourself and your partner on a deeper level. This is one of the best tools for navigating both your professional and personal life. Once you gain insight into your personalities individually and as a couple, you have a clearer picture of who you are, and what makes you both tick.

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Benefits to Your Business

  • Increased efficiency & effectiveness
  • Improved productivity & profits
  • Better leadership
  • Role definition to get & stay in your flow
  • Improved decision-making
  • Better engagement with team
  • Reduced conflict between yourselves
  • More harmonious & fun environment
  • Less stressors
  • Enhanced team management
  • Knowledge on how to manage crises
  • Contingency planning
  • Understanding of work styles
  • Emotional management
  • Acceptance of areas of natural challenge

Benefits to Your Relationship

  • Better understanding of your partner & family
  • More bonding as less challenges
  • Less pointless arguments
  • Know how to support each other better
  • Ways to deal with family conflicts & tensions
  • Greater mutual respect
  • See things as less of a personal attack
  • Better parenting strategies
  • Household runs more smoothly (diving of chores)
  • Personal growth & individuality
  • Can get emotional needs met
  • Strong family culture incl. more fun
  • Reduced stress, stress triggers & responses
  • Reduced misunderstandings
  • More resilience

Our Destiny – Your North Star

This is about finding your North Star – the direction you want your lives to take. Many couples are so busy with their business, family and just keeping their heads above water that they do not take the time to remember why they went into business in the first place, and the direction they would like their life to go. We also call this Life by Design and cover your individual and joint goals, direction and the outcomes you are looking for.
We will also look at each of your driving values, your principles, your purpose, passions, love languages, beliefs and much more. Together we develop your joint guiding principles for the business and your family.
This is about having a step-by-step process to provide you with clarity, a joint plan to keep you both heading in the same direction and on-target. This will greatly assist you with your strategic decisions both for your business and your family.

The quote from Alice in Wonderland sums it up beautifully:

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
Alice: “I don’t much care where.”
Cheshire Cat: “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.“

Benefits to Your Business

  • A headline strategy for each year
  • Your team is involved in the strategic direction
  • Know what needs to be in place to achieve the results
  • Know when to grow and when to consolidate
  • Aligned business roadmap to personal North Star to ensure goals are complementary
  • Clarity in decision-making

Benefits to Your Relationship

  • You create a 5-year Long Game
  • Each year you know what are your priorities
  • You each set personal & professional goals
  • As individuals you understand what is important
  • As a couple you have a shared plan
  • You can align your financial goals & needs to your long game, creating a financial fortress

Revolutionise your relationship and ensure you have a life by design not a life by default.

Gillian Andale
Osprey – Couples Dynamics
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Couples working together

Navigating to Success

Once you have a better understanding of each other, you have your North Star, the next step is to start navigating to where you want to go.  Both of you must have total clarity about the roles you play both in your business and in your home life.  The Identity compasses form a significant input to identifying the roles as these need to be based on natural talents and where each partner is most in flow.

It’s about establishing boundaries, areas of responsibility (and accountability), having processes that build trust, and avoiding micro-management, whilst still collaborating on key matters.

However, there will be many challenges that will seek to derail you on your flight path.  That is why we have identified six different areas that can be addressed.  Select the one(s) that will allow you to move forward the fastest and we will help you to navigate your way to success.

Benefits to Your Business

  • Establishes forums for open communication to address any potential conflicts
  • Allows collaboration to find solutions but avoids stalemate.
  • Creates individuality and separate workspaces
  • Team know who is responsible for what
  • Financial management becomes easier
  • Allows for contingency planning for future challenges, providing a sense of security.

Benefits to Your Relationship

  • Avoids bringing work-related issues into personal time and vice-versa
  • A fairer distribution of household responsibilities
  • Family knows who to approach for what
  • Less duplication or ‘I thought you were doing that’ type situations.
  • Boundaries help remove friction, overwhelm and burnout.

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